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Terrorism not biggest threat to Africans

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Peter Fabricius quotes an important statistic in his Analysis column (The Star, September 12) when he writes that only 4% of Americans think that terrorism is their country’s top problem.

Statistics from the research group Afrobarometer, which surveyed 12 African countries – including South Africa – showed that Africans regard the greatest security threats on the continent to be unemployment, poverty and HIV/Aids, not terrorism.

If the American and African people themselves do not consider terrorism to be a priority, why is the American government trying to convince Africa that we need to fight the "war on terror"?

Why are African governments fighting the "war on terror" by introducing repressive anti-terror legislation, when they should be fighting the "war on poverty and Aids"?

Suraya Dadoo- Lenasia, Joburg

Published in The Star on September 18, 2008.
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