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The ethnic cleansing of hebron

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 Press Release

 The Ethnic Cleansing of Hebron

Date: 6.December.2008

For the third day running, Israel’s colonizing settlers have been rampaging through the town of El Khalil (Hebron), killing people, setting fire to houses and property, smashing windows and cars. They are being aided and protected by brutal Israeli soldiers who participate in this orgy of rampaging reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa.

 The settlers, driven by racist, Zionist ideology and blind hatred, have been indoctrinated and mobilized by ultra-Zionist and fundamentalist religious leaders to depopulate this Palestinian city and ethnically-cleanse it in broad day light amidst an international conspiracy of silence, apathy of Europe, and collusion of the Bush administration.





 This brutality exercised by fundamentalist settlers falls on deaf ears and tight-lipped mouths. The UN Security Council, once again, has failed the Palestinian people. What is happening in Hebron should not be tolerated in any possible way. Exactly like what the current president of the UN General Assembly, Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, said: "What is being done to the Palestinian people seems to me to be a version of the hideous policy of apartheid."  He went on to call on the world to adopt a BDS campaign against Israel.

 This is the same regime that has been imposing a hermetic, suffocating blockade on Gaza, dehumanizing its people as the world watches and stands idly by.

 We, therefore, call upon all freedom loving people to condemn Israel's policy of ethnic cleansing in Hebron, and genocide in Gaza.

 The One Democratic State Group