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Unrwa Isaraeli siege inflicts real catastrophe on Gaza

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Head of operation of the UNRWA in Gaza Strip John Ging has affirmed that the unjust Israeli economic blockade has inflicted tragic conditions on all aspects of life in the tiny Strip where 1.5 million Palestinians, more than half of them were children, are living.

Ging’s remarks came after he met with PA health minister Dr. Basim Na’im in Gaza, and listened to detailed report from him on the adverse repercussions of the siege on all sectors in Gaza Strip, particularly the health sector.

According to Na’im, the Israeli occupation government blocked entry of badly needed medicines, stopped fuel supplies needed to run vital medical equipments, and banned foreign doctors, planning to train health employees in the ministry, entry into the Strip.

Na’im also explained that tens of the ministry’s projects, including construction of hospitals and medical centers among others were aborted after the Israeli occupation government refused to let cement and other construction materials into the Strip.

In this regard, the PA minister regretted the "clear default" on the part of the international community towards the Israeli "programmed genocide", and the tragic condition it was inflicting on the besieged Strip.

He also pointed out that the Israeli occupation government reneged on its obligations towards the Strip as stipulated in the clam agreement it had accepted in the Gaza Strip, and refused till now to implement terms and conditions of that truce.

For his part, Ging acknowledged the human catastrophe that the Israeli occupation wreaked on the Gaza Strip as he sees sick Palestinian citizens in the Strip "fall one after another" after Israel denied them permits to travel abroad in order to get proper medical treatment.

He also acknowledged that operation of his organization in the Strip was badly affected by the Israeli siege, asserting that tens of its projects in health and education sectors were halted due to the blockade.

However, Ging pledged to bring the true picture in the Gaza Strip to the UN so as to take immediate and swift action to save the people of Gaza after the Israeli unjust siege turned their life into "intolerable hell".