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Slaughter on the Egyptian Streets

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The Media Review Network South Africa mourns the tragic events in Egypt as the military enforces marshal law to quell the protests demanding the return of their democratically elected government.

As the narrative emanating from Egypt becomes increasingly convoluted, it is without any doubt or question that the rule of the military junta is one of brutality and contrary to the precepts of democracy. The appalling loss of life that has turned the Nile into a river of blood is a calamity that wounds the hearts and souls of the global collective.

We reject the duplicitous and forked words of the paymasters of the Egyptian military and the protector of Israel, the United States of America as the fail to take concrete steps such as terminating military aid and continue to fund the massacre being unleashed in the Egyptian people.

We stand with the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people against the military coupe and mourn the deaths of the martyrs. We call on the South African government to recall their ambassador to Egypt as a sign of protest and join countries such as Venezuela, New Zealand and Ecuador amongst others.

Issued by Zaakir Ahmed Mayet

Chairman of the Media Review Network (South Africa)


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