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Monday, 23 September 2013

The Muslim Judicial Council [MJC] and the Media Review Network [MRN] condemns the unconscionable and inexcusable attacks committed by those responsible, whether they be Al Shabaab or any clandestine or third force grouping who committed a massacre that resulted in the death of at least 69 patrons at the Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday, 21 September which included a South Africa citizen. Muslims are guided by the Quran which states that the killing of one innocent person is unforgivable.
There is no justification for this deplorable act which contradicts the high standing values and noble teachings of Islam that holds the life of all humanity and all living creatures sacred and worthy of protection and respect. As citizens of this global village, we value good relations with our fellow human beings and pray that those responsible for this heinous crime reflect upon doing good even to those who they feel aggrieved by. War does not bring peace and violence is never a solution.
To this extent, people who claimed to carry out these attacks are the enemies of Islam and all those who adhere to the message of love, compassion and respect for all of humanity.
We believe that interfaith solidarity which upholds at its core, the good of all mankind is the means towards achieving peaceful coexistence amongst all people.
We are one human race, we pray to one supreme creator and we are all equally responsible for the good of mankind and for our future generations. Therefore society should be cognizant of the disastrous outcomes of the promotion of sectarianism and the marginalization of religious groups, race, nationalities and ethnic minorities.
We convey our sincere condolences to the families of all those who lost their loved ones on that tragic day. Together we pray for their well-being and that all global conflicts seize so that humanity may progress together for the good of all.
Issued By:
Nabeweya Malick – Muslim Judicial Council
Contact – 083 408 1157 /
Ibrahim Vawda – Media Review Network
Contact – 072 295 0088 /



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