The MEDIA REVIEW NETWORK (MRN), the PALESTINE SOLIDARITY ALLIANCE (PSA) and the MUSLIM STUDENTS UNION  ASSOCIATION (MSA UNION) hereby echo the sentiments and statement of the ANC chief whip, Phumelele Stone Sizane issued on 18 July 2014 speaking out decisively against the blatant human rights abuses, unjustified violence and intended obliteration of the Palestinian people of Gaza.

Whilst the organized Zionist military operation under the auspices “Operation Protective Edge” is committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and even now genocide as is evident in the recent massacre in Shujaya district of Gaza, we as morally conscious citizens demand the immediate expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk and the simultaneous immediate and permanent recalling of the South African ambassador from Israel.

As a democratic and constitutional state, the South African government cannot stand by as the atrocities cont inue. We therefore call on our government to show urgent political will and to take immediate action.

These demands are not unreasonable and can be brought to fruition upon the South African Government exercising the political will to do so.

South Africa must stand firm in its resolve to support the Palestinian struggle for self determination. Furthermore, we demand:

  1. The immediate termination of the belligerent occupation of Palestine by the Zionist entity.
  2. Hold the Zionist State accountable for the historical injustices against the Palestinians.
  3. Release all political prisoners or alternatively bring them to trial in a civilian court.
  4. Lift the siege on Gaza and remove all checkpoints.
  5. The Rafah border post must be opened to allow free movement into and out of Gaza.
  6. We demand the immediate end to all settlement projects.
  7. Palestinian fisherman must be allowed to fish in the waters off the coast of Gaza.

Thousands of innocent civilians have been imprisoned, tortured, killed and expelled from their homeland within the institutionalized framework of apartheid, colonialism, aggressive and life-threatening occupation which are all grave offences under international law.

It is further clear that Israel has not been bona fide in any negotiation with the Palestinians and continue to expand settlements which have already been declared illegal under international law.

If our voices in South Africa are not enough then our government needs simply to look towards the regions of Turkey, Jordan, France and other parts of the world where thousands  from across the globe are standing in solidarity for the end of Zionist Israeli aggression in Gaza and are demanding the end of occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The ANC has historically supported the will and aspirations of the people of Palestine.
For this we commend you, but the time for action is waning and we urge that decisive and constructive steps must be taken now to cease diplomatic and trade relations with the Zionist apartheid State of Israel permanently.