All praises is due to Allah (SWT) for blessing us with a peaceful, spiritual and glorious month of Ramadaan. As we approach the end of this, magnificent period we look forward to spending the day of Eid – ul- Fitr with our family and friends.

We pray this Eid -ul- Fitr brings joy, happiness and peace in every Muslim home! May Allah (SWT) shower His countless blessings upon you and your family, ameen.

It is on a day like Eid when we should be more conscious and aware of the plight of the poor, needy, oppressed and suffering Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe. The holy month of Ramadaan was most likely spent on questioning mans’ inhumanity to man which is universally prevalent.

We remember the Muslims in Palestine, China, Burma, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Central African Republic and many more. These Muslims suffer under vile conditions and face torturous circumstances as a result of Islamophobia that exists in the world today.

Dr Sheikh Abdus Salaam Jad Bassiouni, who is being unlawfully detained in the Tora prison in Egypt, suffers a similar fate as those who are unjustly oppressed.

The oppression and injustice faced by our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters is a catastrophe that fractures and hurts the entire body of the Ummah. It is absolutely imperative for us to re-examine and reconcile our position in the world.

Our hearts go out to the oppressed of the world. We ask Allah Rab-ul-Izzat to unite the Ummah and to protect us from self-destruction as a result of divisions brought about by man-made categories.


The Executive and Staff of the Media Review Network