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Press Release: Destruction of Mamilla Cemetery

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Issued: 30 July 2015

Judging by Israeli impunity, the Media Review Network (MRN) is not surprised at the illegal Zionist regimes intention to develop a housing, shopping and hotel complex on the site of one of Islam’s most revered cemeteries. However, it is with utmost disgust and revulsion that the MRN has taken note of this absolute and wanton act of barbarism on the part of the Zionist authorities.

The Mamilla Cemetery is steeped in Islamic history. Established in the 7th century, the remains of revered companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are interned in this cemetery. Fallen Muslim soldiers of the Salahuddin era are also buried in this historic place of eternal bliss. The cemetery grounds also contain numerous monuments, structures, and gravestones attesting to its hallowed history.

The world is well aware of Israel’s disregard and disrespect for Palestinian life. This is understandable because the Zionist project is always taking cover behind the so-called ‘security threat’ from living Palestinians. A security threat from martyred Palestinians simply defies logic.

Destroying this Palestinian heritage to replace it with a shopping and hotel complex will not deter the Palestinians from their fight against injustice and oppression.  This act of uncivilized savagery is in line with the Zionist project to wipe historic Palestine of all vestiges of its ethnicity, culture, and legacy. Previous attempts to destroy the Mamilla Cemetery had provoked a storm of protest. Zionist authorities show no compassion for the rights and dignity of the deceased.

The MRN calls on the South African government and all human rights organisations to condemn this move by Israeli government. We are concerned that in the light of discussions and debates centred around ‘religious fundamentalism’, the real source and embodiment of this dangerous trend which is Israel, is ignored by the media in general.


Issued by:

Nabila Ismail

Researcher, Media Review Network

Tel: (+27) 011 837 3220