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The Media Review Network is delighted and honoured to welcome the Palestinian Leadership from the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas. Your hosts for this visit, The African National Congress – led Government, must be commended for their courage in inviting you, in the face of strong opposition by the anti-Palestinian lobby in South Africa. This visit to our shores has been long overdue. Notwithstanding the lapse of time, we are pleased that your visit comes at a crucial time in the history of your freedom struggle.

The MRN takes this opportunity to remind all and sundry that the present uprisings across the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip must not be seen as merely another “cycle of violence”. It is a continued struggle for national liberation that needs to be fulfilled. Since its creation, the Zionist entity was never interested in peace. In fact all negotiations have been futile and were used to consolidate Zionist settler occupation and expansion.

Equating Palestinian youth confronting their oppressors with the armed colonial settlers and soldiers is effectively criminalising resistance of the occupation, thus legitimising Israeli killings. The young men and women, who are challenging the armed Israeli soldiers, are not relying on a sudden awakening of Western governments’ consciousness, but on shaking up the status quo.

Your delegation, led by the head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, are well known for your commitment to establishing a free and fair Palestine based on justice, respect for humanitarian law and human rights for all who live in it, irrespective of race, creed or circumstances. The Media Review Network subscribes to these values and will always support your position, because it is in line with our own Freedom Charter adopted in Kliptown in 1955.

We want to say once more, welcome to our country.  Be prepared for a challenging, exciting and an inspiring  stay.


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  1. Zaakir Mayet:  Chairman, Media Review Network.    0847864003


  1. Firoz  Osman: Executive Member: Media Review Network,  0823376976


Date:       18th October 2015