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The Media Review Network (MRN) is gravely concerned at the naivety and arrogance of the new leadership in the House of Saud, led by the young and inexperienced Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman (MBS). He demonstrates all the immaturity of a reckless gambler.

Saudi Arabia’s failure to institute regime change in Syria through the defeat of its proxy terror militias, its devastation of Yemen and massacres against civilians, and fear for Hezbollah and Iran, has aligned it to the Islam-hating USA and Israel, against Muslims.

The human rights record of Saudi Arabia has come under the spotlight and has been severely criticised by Amnesty International and Human rights Watch.

The arrest of scores of princes, religious leaders, businessmen and ministers without access to a fair trial is an abuse of human rights demanded by international law, and

To begin with the Saudi judiciary is not independent. Its sense of judgement are subject to the whims of the state. This abuse of human rights and the absence of justice are immune to any criticism from the US and the west.

Areas in which your government has adopted  aggressive and warlike policies is also concerning.  Your support for the rebel forces in Syria and your lead role within the Arab Coalition attacking the poorest nation in the region, Yemen, must be widely condemned. Your insistence on isolating Qatar, is also deplorable, to say the least.

MBS’s latest gamble is his open provocation of a war with Iran via Lebanon and Hezbollah. It is clearly obvious that MBS is acting on behalf of his master’s voice, the USA and Israel.

Muslims around the world will find it difficult to give credence to your self-appointment as the Custodian of the Two Haramain as long as your mode of governance remains oppressive and in violation of all internationally accepted norms.

THE MRN urges the “Saudi” government to urgently reconsider its subservience to its Zionists and Imperialists masters, or we fear the wrath of the Almighty will descend upon them .

Dr.Firoz Osman
Exec Member: Media Review Network

South Africa

082 337 6976