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Only the Gazans understand the situation in Gaza. By

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To tell the truth, sometimes I feel that those who can really understand the situation of Gaza are only the people of Gaza! It has become very difficult to explain in detail, so to speak, the exact and the recurring daily suffering 24/7 to those who are living outside GAZA.

How can you explain that your daily life depends on switching on a generator that needs fuel that is either unavailable or expensive?

How to explain that your daily life depends On 2-3 hours of electricity? On a tiny piece of paper that is called “medical transfer?” On registering your daughter in a university? On whether your son is allowed to go to school or not just because  you haven’t received your salary? On getting your kidney dialysis with a medicine that is not available in the hospital? On getting your chemotherapy session that is very necessary to treat the tumour that is devouring your stomach or your breast,  just to find out that the medicine did not reach from the “other side”.

what Richard Falk, the former UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian occupied territories, has called from the very beginning: ” a prelude to genocide” ,and what the historian Ilan Pappe called “an incremental genocide” goes by after 11 years?

What Israelis themselves  consider  “the worst disastrous situation ever in Gaza”, and that “GAZA’s economy has shifted from “zero” to “below zero”” does not get the attention of those who should care. From the very beginning of the deadly blockade, Gaza has been given names: “Sharpeville 2008,” in reference  to the massacre committed by the apartheid regime against black South African protesters in 1961. Gaza has also been called “The Guernica of the 21st century “, named after the Spanish village that is immortalized by “Picasso”!

As a Gazan, you are not even allowed to groan.

This is “your fate!” You were born to refugee parents due to “a biological coincidence” for which you are paying a heavy price. “Your brothers” “support” you, they even cry sometimes and scream! And that’s it! You do not know your enemy , nor the number of those who besiege you! You are the “black slave” who is totally ostracized, you have a stinking smell, you occupy a space that is not yours, you are constantly reminded of the first sin, your voice is annoying, you send your children to die, you teach them how to hate life, you are intolerant and uncivilized, you have come from the medieval ages, you always need charity: a kilo of flour is not enough for you, nor a half can of milk every month, your colour is dark, your face is ugly, and your beard is  so black! Above all, you are a refugee!

For that, you have to pay the price! You are not welcome.


Dr Haider Eid