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Obituary: Death of Radio Broadcaster Leaves Huge Void in Muslim Media Space

South Africa’s Muslim media has lost an incredibly powerful voice with the demise of Ebrahim Gangat.

His death on the eve of 7th Ramadan 1440, corresponding to 13th May 2019, following a battle with cancer, is certain to leave a huge void in the field of alternate media in which he featured for more than two decades. 

Since his voice as a broadcaster initially commenced on Lenasia-based Radio Islam, it was clear that here was a journalist who possessed the commitment to shape the future of the airwaves of community radio. 

Ebrahim Gangat demonstrated this as he took up the cudgels at Channel Islam and took under his wing young cadets who in turn have become influential radio and mainstream media personalities. 

His ability to transcend the limitations of boundaries by engaging in robust interviews with key people from Pakistan to Palestine and from Bosnia to Britain and bringing to life crucial international events affecting lives of Muslims around the world, will stand out as his profound legacy.

The remarkable transformation he initiated with his team allowed what would have been a dormant and routine local news and information channel to compete with mainstream media. 

Whether it was breaking news on issues with huge impact on Muslims in South Africa and around the world, or complex accounts of events unfolding, Ebrahim Gangat had his finger on the pulse. 

As he settled down on his final venture at Salaamedia, Gangat was able to easily give shape to the platform’s commitment to blend news with a distinct humanitarian role designed to make Muslim media a formidable leader in the upliftment of poor, downtrodden and marginalized people. 

Gangat’s distinguished career may have been cut short by his illness and untimely death, but his legacy as a formidable interviewer backed up by sound research will live on. 

His unique style, booming voice and jolly personality endeared him to all he came in contact with. Ebrahim Gangat on radio was not merely a career in journalism, but a mission with purpose. Fearless and tough but with unmatched modesty and sincerity, his will be a tough act to follow. 

Media Review Network extends its heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and media colleagues. 

Iqbal Jassat 

Exec Member: Media Review Network 


South Africa 

Iqbal Jassat