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The recent political developments in India, raises questions which the Global Community must grapple with. In order to save “democracy” as we know it, freedom of the press, integrity of internationally recognised democratic institutions, civil liberties are all under threat.

The Media Review Network (MRN) is deeply concerned that India, a country which once proudly carried the label of being the world’s largest democracy, is now following Zionist traditions and acting with total freedom and licence to undermine international law and the universal community seems paralysed to do anything about it.

In the aftermath of post- World War 2, India, under Jawaharlal Nehru, was a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which refused to join the US-led forces of imperialism. NAM ensured the integrity of independent nations.

In seven decades, the Indian political landscape has changed from being under colonial oppression of the British Empire to a constitutional democracy. Under the BJP it has changed its trajectory once again.  The political curve is now firmly directed towards fascism.

The MRN calls on the South African Government to pressurise the Indian authorities to alter its xenophobic attitude towards its minority populations. Our palpable silence is tantamount to complicity and highlights our double standards when dealing with racism based on religious nationalism.

The mainstream media in our country should also break its unnerving silence on the human rights violations, Islamophobia with genocidal intent, ethnic cleansing, internet blackouts and curbing of media reporting on the shenanigans of the Modi Government.

Today the government of India led by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata(BJP) publicly embraces the towering figure of Mahatma Gandhi, who was deeply dedicated to the politics of truth and non-violence. He also rejected ethnic and religious nationalism and hatred.

Sadly the reality in present day India, led by Narendra Modi, is diametrically opposite to Gandhi’s doctrine of compassion and non-aggression.

Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Media review network.


South Africa.

011 837 3220.