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MRN’s Message of Congratulations on launch of Lenz TV

I’m profoundly grateful and honoured to be invited to share my best wishes on the launch of Lenz TV.

As is known, the MRN has been and remains a strong advocate of alternate media.

The brilliant role of alternate media during SA’s freedom struggle when censorship and denial of press freedoms defined the apartheid regime’s brutality, stood out as a beacon of defiance and hope.

The current global power struggle by white supremacists to hold sway over public opinion, poses similar challenges to media freedoms, thus necessitating strong grassroots supported alternate media.

Lenz TV is an embodiment of this paradigm. Initiated and painstakingly welded to emerge as Lenasia’s proud new media addition, Abdullah Vawda, deserves full credit.

On behalf of MRN, it is my pleasure to congratulate Abdullah and his team on the launch of Lenz TV.

May Lenz TV grow in leaps and bounds as it charts its way to inform, educate, entertain and break boundaries.

I have great confidence in Abdullah’s ability to surf beyond the horizons, as indeed he excelled during his tenure at the helm of MRN.

Iqbal Jassat

Exec: Media Review Network


South Africa

Iqbal Jassat