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Thursday’s announcement that the UAE and Israel have begun the process of forming diplomatic ties came as no surprise to those in the know. It also serves to confirm Zionist literature of late 19th century which depicts Arabs as illiterate and uneducated. The Zionist poet Hemdah Ben-Yahuda further endorsed this impression when he wrote: “How beautiful is Israel without Arabs”.

The Media Review Network (MRN) is neither surprised nor shocked at the latest attempts by a surrogate, puppet Arab regime that has illustrated to the world their inability to stand up to Western hegemony and empire building.

For years now, Arab sheikdoms and the elite who depend on them, have been feigning concern for the miserable plight of the beleaguered Palestinians.

Israel and the Emiratis, in fact the Arab world in general, have been dealing covertly for at least the last decade joined at the hip by the mutual hatred for the resistance axis that is Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas in order to protect their feeble hold on power in their respective sheikdoms.

The Emiratis have already attempted to spin the official normalisation as an attempt to stop Israel’s impending de jure annexation of the West Bank.

This is frankly poor PR. The Zionist entity has been de facto annexing Palestine since 1948 as it has stolen Palestinian land, built Jewish-only enclaves and infrastructure on that land  (all illegal under international law) and denied Palestinians basic freedoms and human rights guaranteed under international law. This will not stop.

It is perverse logic, as Diana Buttu puts it, to reward the Zionist entity with full diplomatic ties instead of economic,  political and military sanctions.

Israel merely agreed to postpone the annexation to allow the pitiful Emiratis to save face amongst their population who still hold the Palestinian cause dear to their hearts.

It is no secret that contemporary Arab leaders look at the Palestinian cause as an irritation and burden which was their forefathers problem to solve, not theirs. Bahrain, Oman and the House of Saud are expected to follow suit as the latter’s Muhammad bin Salman struggles to secure his ascension to the throne.

The Palestinian struggle for justice can now move swiftly along without the Emiratis holding it like an albatross around their necks.

The MRN calls on the rest of the civilised world to demand accountability for the atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinians, without recognising the legitimacy of the Zionist entity. The refined and educated world challenged and dismantled the Apartheid System in South Africa. We should confront and throw down the gauntlet at the apartheid Zionist ideology and establish the one-state reality for all the indigenous peoples of the Holy Land.

Issued by:
Dr. Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay
Department of Political Science UNISA
Executive Member: Media Review Network