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One wonders why peace is evading Libya ever since the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi in 2011. We all know that the problems that Libya finds itself into was created by the imperialist western countries fooling the world that they have a plan to fix Libya, a development which has proven to be false.

The adventures by USA led Nato warmongers has caused a lot of problems the world over. Everywhere these guys have put their fingers, seems to burn. There has been so far seven UN Special Envoys since the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi and none of them have proven or managed to solve the Libyan crises.

The question now is whether a change in UN personnel is required or indeed a change in the UN’s approach and strategy? Looking back at previous envoys, we find that immediately after the start of the Libyan revolution in 2011, then-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon appointed the Jordanian diplomat Abdullah al Khatib as his first special envoy to Libya.

Khatib was tasked with mediating between the National Transitional Council (NTC), the political leaders of the so called revolution, and the Gaddafi regime to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The UN has failed in its mission up to this point, and a major shift in approach and strategy is needed. One critical factor for success will be if the UN can ensure international alignment and mobilise political will to curtail foreign interference, in order to bring an end to the military conflict.

The UN’s failure can be placed squarely at the feet of imperial western powers who have vested interests in Libyan. They all want to control the country’s natural resources like they have done with all Libyan money’s that Colonel Gaddafi had invested in western financial institutions. None of that money has been returned to Libya after the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi. The question is, where is that money?

By allowing the UN to be used by powerful western countries, the world body has lost a lot of credibility that it had before and there are growing demands from the majority of its membership for Security Council reforms. These demands for reforms include among others, the widening of the composition of the Security Council to include Africa which is not represented or to get rid of the veto power altogether.

This has faced a lot of resistance from the countries that make up the Security Council and it seems to be an uphill task for third world countries that demand to be represented on the Security Council. The UN must simply never allow itself to be used by a few of these powerful countries to do their bidding.

The time has now come for the UN to either listen to voices of the majority of its general membership or risk breaking up. Events in the world are fast changing and given the injustices going on at the moment, the UN system in its current format might not survive long.

We would also like to see warmongers like Tony Blair, George Bush jr, and Nicholas Sarkozy taken to the ICC and prosecuted for having committed war crimes by supporting the wars that were unleashed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya. These wars were definitely based on lies and the world is waiting to see justice being dispensed on these fellows.

The Libyan people have woken up to realise that they have been lied to by those who assassinated Colonel Gaddafi. Those who said that he was a dictator and a bad economic manager have since been proven wrong. One just needs to look what Libya is like today after the fall of Gaddafi. Libya under Gaddafi was better managed than many of these European countries. It is because of their jealousy that they killed Col. Gaddafi.

We urge the African Union (AU) to put pressure on the UN to do the right thing in Libya and demand that powerful imperial countries stay away from Libya and that they stop spoiling the soup. Aluta Continua!


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network SA

Dean: School of Languages at Somali

National University (SNU) Mogadishu

Federal Republic of Somalia