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Reports that the Chechen President Ramazan Kadirov has deployed the much dreaded Chechen fighters to fight alongside Russian troops has created a frenzy amongst those who rely on the Islamophobia industry for their livelihoods. The war going on between Russia and Ukraine has got nothing to do with Islam and Muslims. If anything, Muslims in Ukraine are victims of the war and its devastation just like anybody else.

France 24 English yesterday interviewed a Mr. Wassim Nasr a well-known Islamophobe and servant of imperialism who was at pains trying to link up Islam and Muslims to the war in Ukraine. Mr Nasr tried to dramatize the events going on in Ukraine at the moment and suggested ways it could be linked to the now discredited war on terror going on the world over.

One doesn’t need to be an expert on Islam and Muslim affairs to see through this façade which seeks to present Islam as having to do with what is currently going on in Ukraine. Mr. Nasr is at pains trying to argue and link these Chechen soldiers who are fighting on the side of Russia as terrorists.

They show them praying Salat (the Muslim prayer) and showing their beard too as evidence to suggest that they are terrorists. This is how the Islamophobia industry works, and we know for sure that if they don’t do that, then there is no food on the table for their children.

This penchant to position Islam and Muslims in negative situations is actually a hallmark of the Islamophobia industry and it has created jobs in downstream academia for many Arabian house niggers who suffer from the Stockholm syndrome.

What Mr. Nasr should know especially if he is Muslim is that the Salat (Muslim prayer) is enjoined on every Muslim even those who are fighting in a war. The fact that Chechens are Muslims, it’s obligatory for them to perform their prayers wherever they may be including the war front. There is nothing sinister about that, so, showing us pictures of pictures of Muslim soldiers praying does not denote terrorism.

We are not going to debate the merits of prayer and significance of the beard to the Muslims in order to determine whether they are terrorists or not. We urge all peace loving citizens of the world to reject these outright lies being peddled by Mr. Nasr.

Russia and Chechnya as well as President Vladimir Putin and President Ramazan Kadirov are friends. They have what they call collective security in that region, it’s absolutely right if they feel that they should work together to fight the neo-nazis in Ukraine who do not have any respect for others who are not like them and are extremely racist.

It’s high time this caricaturing of Muslims as terrorist comes to an end. Indeed the world today knows that the majority of Muslims are peace loving global citizens who unfortunately find themselves caught up in this deep seated hatred of the religion of Islam by a few elites seating down in Washington and, London, and Paris. We condemn this kind of thinking and declare that it will certainly fail in the not too distant future.

Many Muslim countries have suffered a lot due to this hatred perpetrated by the likes of Mr. Nasr and I urge him to stop and spare a thought of what the lies he is peddling are causing to his Arab Muslim and Christian colleagues in the Middle East. The world has had enough of these lies and now want peace. Alluta Continua!


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network SA

Dean: School of Languages at Somali

National University (SNU) Mogadishu

Federal Republic of Somalia