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Obituary of Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Al – Qaradawi

On behalf of the Media Review Network (MRN) we are saddened at the news of the passing of Shaykh Dr. Yusuf Al – Qaradawi who passed away at the age of ninety-six after spending decades serving the Muslim world globally as a scholar, jurist, and thinker.

Born in 1926 in Egypt Shaykh Yusuf Al – Qaradawi received a traditional Islamic education from an early age which saw him rise to the ranks of the most senior Islamic scholars and thinkers of his time. His career as an Islamic scholar was diverse which included time spent as a lecturer, researcher, writer of over one hundred and twenty books which have been translated into multiple languages and as a political activist which saw him serve three terms in prison and eventually exile from Egypt altogether. Widely travelled, broadly exposed to the diversity of the Muslim world Shaykh Al – Qaradawi’s scholarship focused on Islamic revival, contemporary relevance to modern realities and Islamic reform on both individual and collective levels.

Shaykh Al – Qaradawi’s commitment to Palestine is well known and his counsel and opinions were highly sought after and respected by the Palestinian Islamic resistance – the true leadership of the Palestinian people. He authored works and spoke passionately about Palestine and urged the Muslim world to constantly remember the Palestinian cause and support it. His credible voice behind the Palestinian struggle for liberation and freedom from Zionist Israeli Apartheid contributed to ensuring that Palestine will never be forgotten in the hearts and minds of over a billion Muslims globally.

Shaykh Dr. Yusuf Al – Qaradawi was Islamic civilizationalist and an ‘Aalim’ (Islamic scholar) in the truest sense. The Media Review Network extends its condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, students and admirers worldwide who mourn his loss. We pray that the Almighty grants him forgiveness and a sure deliverance in the gardens of paradise that he continuously strived for.


Anwar Jhetam

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