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Is the West repeating the mistakes of the Past?

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The Media Review Network (MRN) is appalled and condemns in the strongest possible terms the dastardly and wicked chemical attack on the civilian population in Syria.

We are also concerned at the sabre-rattling by the US and her Western and regional partners in the Syrian crisis. The threat of a reckless, dangerous, and illegal US or US-led assault on Syria is looking closer than ever.

Although the crisis is very fluid and rapidly changing, the US-led military intervention will make the dire situation inestimably worse.

No one knows exactly who carried out this dastardly act. What is certain is that a horrific attack occurred on innocent civilians killing hundreds of men, women and children. No public evidence has been provided to show who was responsible for this despicable act. The US does however lean heavily on dubious intelligence provided by Israel’s security services.

 John Kerry, US Secretary of State, referred to the attack as a “moral obscenity”.  Thus far over 100 000 Syrians have been killed and millions made homeless since the conflict began.  Is this not “moral obscenity”?

Despite the lack of any credible evidence that the Assad government is responsible for the chemical attack, the US-led military mobilisation suggests a form of criminal behaviour on the part of the west. This image is not created by the enemies of the West but by the double standards and hypocrisy practised by them. Remember Vietnam, (Agent Orange), White Phosphorous in Operation Cast Lead (Gaza), Iraq’s chemical weapons provided by the US and the use of depleted Uranium. The effects of these chemical agents can be felt to this day.

After viewing video footage of victims of the alleged chemical attacks, David Cameron declared that Assad was responsible and Obama began his preparations for military intervention supported by France. Is the world about to witness its first war based on Youtube video evidence?

The Media Review Network calls on our Government to summon the US, UK and French Ambassadors to register our deep concerns at the military posturing of their governments and that they should take immediate steps to ease the tensions in the region. Any attack on Syria will not protect the civilian population but will aggravate an already terrifying situation.


Issued By:

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher

Media Review Network


Tel No: 011 837 3220


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