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Tamarod defector confirms that evidence against Hamas was “fabricated”

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Hamas has been vilified in the Egyptian press, which has been revealed to be a false propaganda plot between Egyptian security agencies, Fatah, and the Egyptian media

The former coordinator of Egypt’s Tamarod movement, Mahmoud Al-Arabi, has confirmed that evidence linking Hamas to events across the border in Sinai was fabricated. A spokesman for Hamas said that Al-Arabi’s statements vindicate the Islamic Resistance Movement, which has always denied any interference in Egypt’s internal affairs.

Speaking at a pro-Morsi march last Thursday, Al-Arabi said that photographs purporting to show members of the Hamas military wing, the Izzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, involved in activities inside Egypt were faked by security officials in Alexandria. He named Major General Nasser Al-Abd as the person behind the fabrication. A group of “thugs”, claimed Al-Arabi, were given uniforms similar to those used by the Hamas militia and photographs were taken inside the Central Security compound in Margham, Alexandria. These pictures were then distributed with claims that they “proved” Hamas involvement in Egyptian affairs.

According to Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahri, the statements made by Al-Arabi are “conclusive” proof that the so-called evidence against Hamas has been “fabricated by some entities and leaders of security agencies” in Egypt. He called on the Egyptian authorities to investigate Al-Arabi’s claims and hold those involved to account. He also called on the Egyptians to stop the systematic campaign of incitement against his movement and the people of Palestine.


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