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‘Unprecedented’ human rights violations committed in Egypt

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Protesters cover their face after the police use tear gas during a demonstration, condemning a U.S.-made film which they say insults the Prophet Mohammad, near the U.S. embassy in Cairo

Unprecedented human rights violations are being committed in Egypt, a human rights group said on Sunday.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International, said the Egyptian authorities are currently carrying out “unprecedented attacks on human rights”. He spoke about restrictions on freedom of speech and continuous detentions.

To assert the situation of arbitrary detentions, Salil highlighted the case of the three journalists affiliated with Al-Jazeera who have been detained by authorities.

Regarding the detentions, he said the current authority’s practices are based on what they call their fight against terrorism.

“They declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation,” he said, “but they are not only arresting Muslim Brotherhood members, they arrest liberals too.”

Salil went on to mention several countries where people’s human rights are being violated, including Syria, Bangladesh and Russia.

He said Amnesty International monitors violations, issues reports and carries out campaigns that might take 20 years to achieve a certain goal.