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Israel’s Belligerence Exposed

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Issued: 29 April 2015

The Media Review Network (MRN) is neither shocked nor surprised that the Zionist Regime in Tel Aviv has denied South Africa’s Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Blade Nzimande, a visa to visit Palestine.

Zionist Israel is a state where the secret police declares clearly that it sees as a security threat anybody that works against it, even through legitimate or democratic ways. Israel is actually a regime that preserved the colonial British skeleton of the mandate with all its centralized control over “others”. Its brutal apartheid-system of laws relating to land and property cannot be described as anything other than theft.

The fact that Dr. Nzimande’s final destination was the West Bank and not Israel, points to the fact that the Palestinian Authority of Mahmood Abbas has no control over the West Bank whatsoever. The so-called Palestinian State does not enjoy statehood in the eyes of the Zionist regime. They defy all international treaties as they have done since 1948.

Israel, since 1967, has been the belligerent Occupying Power in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), and that its occupation of these territories has become a colonial enterprise, which implements a system of apartheid.

The MRN fully supports the notion that this denial is an insult to the South African Government and its people. We also support the call to expel the Zionist Ambassador to South Africa and the BDS campaign should be strengthened.

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Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher, Media Review Network

Tel (O): 011 837 3220