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Launch of the Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG)

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March 8, 2016

For over 60 years the Palestinian people have suffered under a brutal occupation that has engulfed its regions into endless war, conflict and death. The besieged Gaza has been under a complete Israeli blockade effectively making it an open air prison which has left Gazans vulnerable to all sorts of vile conditions. In the time that Israel has held Gaza captive the Zionist aggressors have launched a multitude of brutal attacks that have maimed and injured the lives of thousands.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) is an initiative that was created to break the siege on Gaza and has attempted to do so a number of times in the last decade. This year the FFC have decided to take a very exciting and bold step and have decided to send a Women’s boat to Gaza (WBG).

The FFC has chosen March 8th, which marks International Women’s Day (IWD), to announce the launch of their WBG project.

The Women’s Boat to Gaza will set sail mid-September of this year and plans to dock at a number of Mediterranean ports along its route and arrive Gaza on October the 1st.

The FFC’s fourth mission (FF4) will be sailed by an all women crew and will carry aboard, notable women from all over the world in order to highlight the undeniable contributions which have been made by Palestinian women to the resistance movement. Palestinian women have been central to the struggle in Gaza, the West Bank, inside the Green Line and in the diaspora.

The Palestinian cause for justice is one that is special to many South Africans. Our history of Apartheid and injustice is reminiscent of the constant and ongoing struggle the Palestinians face in the modern age. Therefore we are proud to announce that the Palestine Solidarity Alliance (PSA) is leading the WBG initiative in South Africa as a reaffirmation of our commitment to the cause for justice and human dignity.

The WBG is endorsed by renowned women’s organizations from all over the world, among them: The Women’s Affairs Center (Gaza), The Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel), Forum de Politica Feminista (Spain), Women’s Front (Norway), Coordinadora de Solidaridad Palestina (Mexico), CODEPINK Women for Peace (US) and Quebec’s Women’s Federation (Canada).

The FFC is also pleased to announce the launch of the WBG website.  Please visit:
for more details and to follow the progress of WBG / FF4.

For more information:
Laura Arau  +34 (6) 36 00 36 01
Wendy Goldsmith +1 (519) 281-3978

* Freedom Flotilla Coalition campaigns participating in the WBG are:
Canadian Boat to Gaza
Freedom Flotilla Italy
International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza
IHH – Turkey
Palestine Solidarity Alliance-South Africa
Rumbo a Gaza-Spain
Ship to Gaza Norway
Ship to Gaza Sweden

* other WBG international partners:
Kia Ora Gaza – New Zealand
Miles of Smiles
US Boat to Gaza