Cape Town – CAGE Africa welcomes the release of Ebrahim Patel, who was released on bail of R5000 from Kurgersdorp Prison yesterday (Thursday) at approximately 11.20am. This, after the South Gauteng High Court had issued two court orders on Wednesday ordering his release.

The first court order was issued at 12pm Wednesday in which the court set bail of R5000. Notwithstanding this order, prison officials at the Krugersdorp prison where he was being detained refused to release him.

Lawyers acting for Patel approached the High Court on an urgent basis at 7.30pm that same day, and the court granted an order against the department of correctional services in which it ordered the immediate release of Patel. It also granted a punitive cost order against the department.

Prison officials at Krugersdorp still refused to release Patel.

Patel was forced to spend the night in prison until he was finally released Wednesday morning at approximately 11.20 am.


Karen Jayes, spokesperson for CAGE Africa, said: 

“The fact that Ebrahim was kept in prison for almost 24 hours after the court ordered his release shows a disturbing violation of the rule of law by correctional services officials.”

“Cage Africa calls upon the Department of Correctional Supervision to uphold the rule of law and to ensure that their conduct does not fuel suspicion of institutional bias against sectors of the community.”



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