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POEM: Palestinian Blues by Prof Pitika Ntuli

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Palestine is my bleeding wound/

I am the blood that flows/

In the geo-politics of denial/

My mind barefootedly treads on the/

History of betrayals of our ancestral Lands/

Raped by missiles bombs and minefields/

Of Zionist generals!/

I fed on poetic images leaping from Pages/

Of the volcanic mind of Mahmoud Darwish/

Sizzling with images of heartbeats Of Palestine./

I am a disembodied lips of children In Ramala/

Declaiming poetries of defiance/

I have become a finger pointing at demons/

A finger painting Guernucas of dreams/

I am every child killed by Zionist bombs/

And raging missives of hate/

I am the resurrection of dreams of a free land/

Touch my lips! Touch my bleeding heart! Touch me and my vibrations-/

These volcanic eruptions will drown/

Enemies of love in the lava of desires/

Of peace and security!/

Do not seek me only in the streets Of Palestine/

I walk the streets of Pretoria and Johannesburg/

Carrying echoes of my land usurped/

Usurped by bigots of power/

Am I not Leila or Shaeera?/

I am a million names resisting borders/

Of language planted on our tongues/

That speak of peace across borders of hatred/

I am the child of Palestine/

Child of the world!!

Poem composed and shared by South Africa’s Prof Pitika Ntuli with all the world (via Media Review Network )