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Palestine Israel Peace Talks

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The Media Review Network notes that US Secretary of State John Kerry has announced the resumption of the long-stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) and PLO leader Mahmud Abbas. This has been met with scepticism by many regional pundits (Kerry’s high-risk diplomatic game, The Star, 25th July, 2013).

Abbas, whose term expired years ago, yet again failed to honour his own conditions for negotiations which are- conducting talks on the basis of the 1967 borders, and total cessation of all Jewish settlements. The majority of Palestinians have lost all faith in the discredited and corrupt PA and the endless and moribund peace process.
Assurances by the USA, Israel’s guardian-ally, to inject $4billion into the West Bank lured the venal PA to entrench the Bantustanisation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Endorsement by the Arab League, comprising of despotic Arab rulers who do not even represent their own people let alone the Palestinians, concur with Kerry that it is imperative to resolve the “Israeli-Palestinian rift because it underpins so much tension in the region”.

The fact that John Kerry visited the region six times in six months is worrying. Historically, such intense diplomatic missions were a prelude to major invasions of regional countries. It was Iraq in 1991, Afghanistan in 2001, and Iraq again in 2003. Probable targets include, Syria, Hizbullah (Lebanon) and Iran. None of these invasions yielded any benefit to the Palestinians.

The turmoil following the military coup in Egypt, backed by America and its regional allies Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, adds to the American urgency to bring about a settlement to the protracted conflict. Islamic Movements have been dealt a blow with the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ever-compliant Abbas is now ripe to concede the remaining territory to Israel.

The stumbling block for Kerry is that he is dealing with Mahmud Abbas, who has lost the confidence of his people and only represents the corrupt elite in the pay-roll of the USA, Israel and despotic Arab leaders. The interminable peace talks will yield no results until the just demands of the Palestinians are met, primarily the inalienable right of the Palestinians to return to their homes.

The world should not wait with bated breath anticipating any earth shattering outcome from these talks. The track record of the US/Zionist/EU axis show that nothing comes out of these talks. Example Oslo Accords, Camp David and Annapolis. The only certainty is their procrastination will enable the Zionist entity to grab more Palestinian land and build more settlements.

Dr Firoz Osman
Executive: Media Review Network


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