Telaviv-water-war-PalestineThis image was found by BCUPalestineSociety from the ‘water-war’ tag on Tumblr. An image of thousands of Israelis in Tel-Aviv splashing water like it just fell from the sky. Now your probably thinking “They can do what they want!” well take these facts into consideration and it may change your mind:

“In occupied Palestine 87% of water obtained from generated from the mountain aquifer in the West bank and 82% of water obtained in the coastal aquifer in Gaza is denied to Palestinians and used directly by Israelis

In occupied Palestine only 5.3% of inhabitants of the Gaza strip consider their water quality to be ‘good’.

In occupied Palestine half of the water delivered to Palestinians homes and farms is lost or does not reach them

In occupied Palestine insufficient infrastructure means that waste water cannot be properly treated and causes severe water pollution. 

In occupied Palestine, Palestinians have been denied access to the Lower Jordan River since 1967, which only occupying Israeli settler farmers are permitted to use

In occupied Palestine, Israeli settlers are permitted to extract water from holes deep enough to fill swimming pools, water their gardens and irrigate miles of crops, lowering the water tables so that Palestinians have even more difficulty accessing their own water.

In occupied Palestine, Palestinians are prevented from digging deep holes to extract water, and are forced to rely on dirty and superficial water sources. When they run out of water, they are forced to buy their own stolen water back from Israeli companies.

In occupied Palestine Operation Cast Lead successfully prevented all sewage and water pumps from functioning properly, leading to severe water shortages and serious sewage overflows

In occupied Palestine, the blockade on the Gaza strip prevented any building goods from coming into the area to rebuild the damage that Cast Lead caused to the Gaza strip’s infrastructure, and exacerbated the problem so much that various aid agencies and the UN demanded the immediate opening of crossings due to a serious public health threat

In occupied Palestine over 60% of the Gaza Strip does not have access to clean running water.

In occupied Palestine, Zionists gather in public squares to shower themselves in water stolen from Palestinian land, while sewage pipes burst in the Gaza strip, flooding urban areas with human waste, and small holding farmers in the West Bank attempt to grow food to feed their families with water from useless shallow wells.”

Considering the facts do you still think that Israel should hold an Annual water war? But the bigger focus point is the question of why Israel is taking so much of the Palestinians water when it clearly has an ample supply!


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