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Eid Message

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The Muslim world is approaching the end of the Holy Month of Ramadaan. Muslims have observed this month as not only a period of abstinence from food and drinks, but also a period of spiritual purification in an effort to develop Allah-consciousness or Taqwa. The body and mind have been disciplined so as to establish a sense of compassion for our fellow human beings.

With this renewed strength and energy and sense of brotherhood, Eid-ul-Fitr will mark a day of solidarity and support for all humankind suffering under the yoke of oppression the world over.
The Media Review Network takes this opportunity to wish Muslims throughout the world, a spiritually fulfilling Eid-ul-Fitr. We pray that the Exalted Creator, Allah (SWA) cascades the blessings of this day upon all of us.

As we carve this message, we reflect on the down-trodden and underprivileged in areas such as Palestine, Kashmir, Rohingya, Chechnya, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Central African Republic, and Libya. Life in these places is about survival, and a hungry stomach is not exclusive to the fast of Ramadaan. We pray for the image of Islam NOT to be tarnished by those who commit acts of violence in the name of our religion. We condemn the unprovoked killings of civilians by whomsoever, including perceived “legitimate” governments such as the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The Holy Quran reminds us that we cannot strive towards closeness to Allah (SWT) if we do not practice justice. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is futile if we do not have a sense of justice.

We pray that the environment created during this auspicious month of Ramadaan prevails in our hearts and homes for always. In Shaa Allah.